Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Coco Plays Hide and Seek with Her Belly Bites

Our friends at Chewy.com asked if we wanted to try Natural Balance Belly Bites.  I  don't usually like to give Coco anything grain free because it gives her ridiculous gas, but I figured since the treats were small, we'd give them a try.  I'm so glad I did!

These semi-soft treats are great because I can break them in half and just give her a little something.  I feel good about giving them too her because they are made in the USA (something that is a MUST for me).  The package says that it is great for dogs with sensitivities, which means that Cousin Madam Star's tummy can tolerate them, another bonus.

Since these are nice and small, and SMELLY (we got the legume formula) I thought it would be fun to play hide and seek with the Belly Bites.  Coco loves this game.  In this video, I make Coco sit where she can't see what I'm doing.  Then I hide the treat in under a tennis ball in a muffin tin.  When I give her the ok, she has to choose which ball the treat is under.  She always gets it right!  *Look for a cameo from sissy!

I love how Coco sniffs the treat out, then takes the ball out of the tin.  She's so smart.  When she is finishes, she always gets a treat.  

Thanks again, Chewy.com for sending us these treats to try!  They were a big hit and perfect for hide and seek!

*Note: I got this game from a fellow blogger, but can't for the life of me remember where, so please send me a message if you were the clever mommy I stole this from so I can give you proper credit!*


  1. Smart pup Coco! I learned this game from Sugar the Golden Retriever and shared it on my blog too, but it's all over the internet really.

    1. Oh good! Maybe I didn't completely hijack someone's idea!