Sunday, February 9, 2014

Berries and Banana Pupsicles

Since it has finally warmed up a bit, I thought I'd treat Coco to a popsicle.  Here is a recipe I've developed after changing one from this fantastic site.  When the weather warms up, give it a try!

Berries and Banana Pupsicles 

What You'll Need:
1 banana
1 tbs peanut butter
handful frozen blueberries
4-5 strawberries (frozen for fresh)
containers to freeze your pops (I used Solo bathroom cups, but upcycled yogurt containers are perfect also.)

What to Do:

1. Mash your banana so that it is nice and creamy.
2. Mix the PB into the mashed banana like you see in picture 2 above. 
3. Next rinse and chop your strawberries. 
4. Reserve a few of the berries for the bottoms of the container, but mix in all the other berries, like in picture 4 above.

5. Put in the reserved berries in the bottom of the containers, see picture 1 above.  
6. Scoop the PB, banana, and berry mixture into the containers.  I gave each of them a little tap, tap on the counter to compact them a little better. 
7. Let your cute little brown dog lick the bowl because that is the best part, refer to picture 3 above for blurry example. 
8.  After 3 hours in the freezer, my pops were nice and frozen.  I cut the side of the container to get one out and it came out easily.  

Coco loved these pupsicles.  They are perfect because we always have these ingredients on hand.  They freeze well and while they are a little messy, she eats them before they can melt too much, like in one single bite.  

She thinks if she sits pretty next to the bowl maybe she can get another one.  Berries and Banana Pupsicles are a hit! 

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