Sunday, February 9, 2014

Vintage Dog Photos

I love these vintage photographs taken with people and their dogs.  It reminds me that not much has changed in 50-100 years.  We still love our dogs and still love it when they look adorable.  Enjoy!

How about this cute dog? Just a regular member of the family...spending an afternoon running errands.
pic via terribly

Or this one? A kid, his and his chicken.  What more could he want?  I love how this all seems so natural. I don't know, maybe it is.  Either way, I love it.
pic via

This one reminds me of Coco looking out the window at the squirrels. Dogs are so curious.  Bus so are we, aren't we?
pic via

This may be my all-time favorite photo.  It really shows the compassion people have for their dogs.  It has captured a kindness and sweetness that just melts me. 

source unknown

I like being reminded that my life with Coco isn't anything new, that the generations before me have loved their dogs just as much as I do mine.  They probably didn't spend as much money on theirs...

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