Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mulligan Stew Cures Coco's Grumbly Tummy

Coco has been trying out Mulligan Stew from this month.  It has been a big hit with everyone! Even Cousin Madam loved it.  I love it because though it is a pate-style canned food, I can see and smell the freshness of the ingredients when I open the can.  It doesn't just smell like regular wet food, it smells like real food.  I lets me have faith in the quality that I am feeding my Coco.  And Coco just gobbles it up!

We've been giving a little of the Mulligan Stew to Coco as a bedtime snack because she gets what we call "grumbly tummy." This happens when her meals get spread out too far apart and her tummy starts to grumble.  After that, it is almost impossible to get her to eat again.  So to avoid this, she basically has to have three small meals.  One of them is a little canned food; her favorite recently has been Mulligan Stew.

After I saw that the company was endorsed by The Whole Dog Journal, I was sold. I haven't seen Mulligan Stew in any pet stores around here, but as always, has it for you!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Mondays With Madam Star

I know Mondays can be tough.  Maybe this smiling face from cousin Madam Star will help you get through...

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Recently Coco has been paying extra close attention to her, um, private area.  Bill says that's what dogs do, they lick their privates.  And I suppose this is true.  But how do you know when regular ol' lickin' has turned into problem lickin'?  I'm thinking a little trip to the vet may be in order.

UPDATE: Coco went to the vet and had her anal glads expressed.  All tests came back negative, so we are keeping an eye on her hoping expressing her will do the trick.  

PS, she is still licking and I'm starting to think Daddy was right.  But I'd never tell him that.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Ball Fanatic

While on Winter Break, I decided to clean under our bed--a task that was long overdue, trust me.   Of course I had a little brown helper.  Coco was right there with me the whole time...a little bit scared and a lot curious.

After an hour or so of cleaning, I had unearthed 7 balls from underneath the bed (and a mountain of other crap I won't mention).  I can assure you that neither Daddy nor I put these balls under there.  My little brown helper is the culprit.

I have no idea how she gets all these balls under there! And it seems like we are forever dragging them out anyway; I don't know how we let 7 of them get away from us.

I realized that much of our lives revolve around balls: throwing, rolling, finding, hiding, tossing, squeaking, tugging, cleaning off.  I can't turn around without seeing a ball.  I can't get into bed without rolling onto a ball.  I dream about giant balls demanding to be thrown.  I've got a serious ball fanatic on my hands.

What's your dog a fanatic about?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sissy Gets Spoiled By

Last month our favorite friends at asked if Spooky would be interested in trying Divine Duos from Wellness.  I was excited for Sissy to get to try something new and such good quality (we are big fans of the folks at Wellness).

This chicken pate and diced turkey was perfect for Spooky!  It was described as,"savory pate topped with cuts in gravy."  Just as much as Coco is crazy about crunchy treats, Spooky goes nuts for food with gravy.  The trouble for Spooky is that food with TOO much gravy makes her tummy upset--let's be honest that's trouble for the whole house.  Divine Duos was perfect because of the mix of pate and cuts of turkey bits under the gravy.

So this month, it was Sissy's turn to get a little spoiled (but don't worry, Coco still insisted on licking the plastic container!)

If you think your furry friend will love Divine Duos as much as Sissy did, check out  Once we started using their autoship, we will never buy dog or cat food any other way.  It is such a lifesaver.  (You can thank me later.)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

It Is Good To Be Back!

December was a very busy month for us.  It usually is.  Working in education means that during the ends of semesters, life gets almost unbearable.  That's what happen last month.  But don't worry, I'll provide a rundown so no one feels left out.

  • Coco had a nasty boo boo on her paw that we are pretty sure turned out to be an insect bite.  It looked gross, but only required a single visit to the vet, a little ointment, and monitoring by mommy.
  • Madam Star came over for a few visits. Fun was had by all.
  • Mommy watched too many hours of Magnum P.I. on Netflix to unwind. Fun was had by all.
  • Mommy went to visit family for a long weekend and returned to find this note:
  • Coco's big sister's came over to visit for Christmas.  Coco's niece, Scout, came too and they played until they were pooped.  
  • Coco got many Christmas presents.  It is true, everyone loves her.