Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow in North Florida?

That's what we were expecting, anyway, well a "Winter Storm" to be exact.  All the schools are closed today which means Coco gets Mommy and Daddy all to herself.

Around 12:30 this afternoon it started to sleet.  Coco was very concerned and wanted to go out and see what all the fuss was about (being a Florida girl myself, so did I).

We haven't gotten our snow yet, but the day is young!  Who knows how Coco would react to real live snow...and of course Mommy will have the video camera ready.  

Friday, January 24, 2014

Two Stinky Dogs

Since Madam Star has been visiting, we have noticed that our house smells a little...dogish.  With two dogs going outside and back inside, freshness has given way to stink.  Dog stink is one of the worst smells on the planet.  I don't know how multiple dog households do it.

It is certainly bath time.  I always mix up my own shampoo; it is cheap and effective.  (Second to dog stink on the horrid scale is wet dog stink--this cuts down on that problem.)  I have shared the recipe before, but here it is again, just in case your house smells as bad as ours!

The Best Dog Shampoo

Equal parts Dawn liquid dish soap, white vinegar, antibacterial hand soap, and a little warm water.  Shake the concoction in a container and you are on your way to clean, happy, silky puppy!

Note:  I have added a few drops of essential oil to help with the vinegar smell, but most times, it doesn't bother me any.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Coco's Most Favorite Thing in the World

Coco is a sucker for treats.  She LOVES just about all treats, but her favorite are the ones I make at home.  The pumpkin flavor is her most favorite.  She'll do anything for a treat!

Coco sits for a treat.
You can get some of Coco's treats HERE.  It is ok, she doesn't mind sharing.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Spotlight on Cousin Madam Star

Madam's mommy is going on vacation, so cousin Madam Star gets to stay with us.  Coco is very excited about her visit.  She gets right in Madam's face and tells her all about how excited she is.  Madam walks away.

Since we have Madam for a week, I thought I'd share some of the reasons we love her!

1. Aunt Julesy got Madam when she was just a puppy.  She tripped over her big basset ears.

2. Madam Star likes to be stinky.  The stinkier, the better.  On walks, she'll roll in dead things.  She's a happy, stinky dog. 

3.  Cousin Madam has 2 little baby brothers, Sir Henry and  Lord Grimshaw Von Luckstone.

4.  She wears cute pink sweaters when it is cold.

5.  Madam is the ultimate prissy princess!

6.  Cousin Madam is a slave to her nose.

7.  She almost always looks sad but rarely is.

8.  She likes our fireplace, too.

9.  Madam thinks she has to shake before she gets a treat. 

10.  Cousin Madam Star takes a lot of naps.  She's a napping superstar.  

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Yummy Fromm Chicken Treats

We feed Coco Fromm Family dog food, so when the nice people at asked if we wanted to review some treats, we were thrilled to receive Fromm Chicken with Carrots and Peas treats.

Since we have been working on being nicer when on walks, I have been using Fromm treats as Coco's "jackpot" reward--what she gets when she really nails the look command.  In Feisty Fido (a training book for leash reactive dogs) they suggest using a treat that your dog can't refuse.  We got these treats just in time for training; Coco LOVES them and gets super excited when she sees me reach for them.

They are a little big for training all the time, but perfect for getting her excited to train because she likes them so much.  The very crunchy round treats are also perfect for us as go-to treats because they don't stink. (Bill hates smelly food/treats and will complain if they are too strong.  No complaints with Fromm!)

Our local pet health store carries Fromm food but not these treats.  We've been wanting to try them for a while now, and I'm so thrilled to know that I can order them on whenever I want.

Practicing "look" 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fixing the Problem of Homeless Pets

Recently, I was introduced to the idea that "We Can Save Them All".  I think this is a message that needs more attention.  The idea that, as pet lovers (or rescuers, or advocates, or volunteers), we can't save all the homeless pets should become a thing of the past!  We CAN save them all.  

The Best Friends Animal Society reports that 9,000 pets are killed each day.  But we can all do something to help! Check out their infographic so see how.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It Is Cold in Florida!

Believe it or not, it is cold in Tallahassee.  Well, cold for Florida.  It was 20 degrees this morning and supposed to be in the teens tonight.  We are cold.  Cold, cold, cold.

Coco, however, is loving the weather, not because of the cold, but because we have a fire in the fireplace most nights.  Coco is a sucker for a good fire.

I don't know what she'd do with her evenings without the fire.  She's a smart girl.