Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Too Rainy for Coco

Today has been such a rainy, cold, dreary day.  These are the days that this human and her Coco dislike the most.  Coco of course doesn't want to be bothering by going out potty.  I have to bribe her with sardines (a sure way to get her to do anything).  Luckily, Daddy has a fire going for us.  What's the weather like where you are?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Alarm Clock

So this little brown dog has been waking me up between 3:30-4:30 every morning for various reasons.  Maybe there is a varmint outside that needs chasing.  Maybe there is some cat food morsel somewhere she can't reach without assistance.  Maybe her tummy is telling her that mommy should giver her a treat. Or maybe she really does have to go out potty.

Certainly I'm not the only one who experiences early morning wake-up calls--legitimate or not.  What do you all do when you hear that alarm?  Telling her to go back to sleep doesn't work.  Someone please help!