Saturday, September 27, 2014

Coco Takes AND Leaves Nature's Variety Instinct Treats

I have to admit, Coco has just about no standards when it comes to treats, except for one: treats must be crunchy.  When asked me to review Nature's Variety Instinct treats, I knew Coco would be thrilled; they looked pretty hard.

I was right.  These treats are super crunchy and Coco loves them! We got the lamb and spinach flavor, which smells good enough for me to eat.  They snap in half perfectly, so I can take just half on a walk.  Since these have a strong smell, they are perfect for "Hide The Treat" which is one of Coco's favorite games.

Don't let the picture fool you, I thought Coco was going to take my hand off getting at these treats the first time I tried to put them down.  Lucky for me she has a good understanding of "leave it."


Sunday, September 14, 2014

If Money Were No Object...

Daddy always says that I spoil Coco.  OK, so this is probably true.  But what if money were no object, how would I spoil her then?  What would our lives look like?  People often daydream about how things would change if they were spending money to improve their own lives, but what about if we were just focused on improving our dogs', without worrying about how much it would cost?  Mine and Bill's--and Coco's--would look something like this...

We would live in this house
so Coco could have lots of room to run around free of fence and leash.  In the back of our house we have one of these
And for when Coco is ready to come inside from a day of running free and swimming, she can get a bath here
When she is ready to go to bed, she will can rest her little brown head in her comfy, stylish bed like this one

Of course I wouldn't be working because I'd have to be a full-time dog mommy.  But don't worry, I'd still want to blog!  How would you spoil your dog if money were no object?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Coco Gets Spoiled!

Recently Coco became a Spokesdoggy for Petbox, which means that now she gets to tell you all about how great it is when your doggy gets a petbox in the mail, and that she gets her very own petbox.  And trust me, she thinks it is pretty darn great.  Look at all the loot from her petbox!

If you want to spoil your pup, go to and enter Coco's code for 10% off!

Code: DeathByChocolateLab

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Best TV Dogs

Recently I took an online quiz to find out which fictional duo me and Coco are.  The results? Snoopy and Woodstock: always by each other's sides.  I had my fingers crossed for Scooby Doo and Shaggy (my childhood favorite).  I had forgotten all about Snoopy!  Here is my list of TV's favorite dogs...

Lassie.  What's that Lassie?  Timmy fell in the well? Lassie is one of the most well-known TV dogs.

Snoopy.  It is so easy to love Snoopy.  We all know dogs like Snoopy, dogs who aren't quite convinced they are actually dogs...I have one myself.

Buck from Married with Children. Buck was always my favorite character on the show. The rest of the show? Eh.

Brian Griffin from The Family Guy.  This is why I love Brian.

Rin-Tin-Tin, beloved German Shepherd from the 50s and 60. He was brave, tough, and an American Classic.

Santa's Little Helper from the Simpsons--"He's a loser.  He's pathetic.  He's...a Simpson."

Scooby Doo. Who doesn't love this goofy, scardey cat?

Who is your favorite TV dog?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What Type of "Security" Dog Do You Have?

Our friends at dropcam shared this cute infographic with us and asked this question: what kind of PUPtector do you have? After talking it over it over with Daddy, we decided that Coco is a Fence Hopper, always ready to bolt out and protect us from a world full of pesky varmints.  This happens on a daily basis.  We let her out back to go potty and she ends up chasing any number of tiny to mid-sized creatures.

One time Coco escaped to puptect us from the mail carrier.  He was walking up to our door to deliver a package, but Bill's daughter accidentally left the door cracked.  Coco took the opportunity to "Fence Hop" and scare the poor guy half to death.  Kristin walked outside to find the mail carrier holding the package in Coco's face, while Coco barked her head off.  Coco, like a good girl, came when called and all was well.  In Coco's mind mission was accomplished.  

After learning a little about dropcam this is what interests me: with the dropcam home security system you can keep an eye on your home (and your pets) while you are away.  They offer cloud recording and with the app you can receive custom alerts and control your cameras from any device.  

Even with Coco's Fence Hopping, I'd love to get a dropcam system.  Now just to convince Daddy...