Sunday, September 14, 2014

If Money Were No Object...

Daddy always says that I spoil Coco.  OK, so this is probably true.  But what if money were no object, how would I spoil her then?  What would our lives look like?  People often daydream about how things would change if they were spending money to improve their own lives, but what about if we were just focused on improving our dogs', without worrying about how much it would cost?  Mine and Bill's--and Coco's--would look something like this...

We would live in this house
so Coco could have lots of room to run around free of fence and leash.  In the back of our house we have one of these
And for when Coco is ready to come inside from a day of running free and swimming, she can get a bath here
When she is ready to go to bed, she will can rest her little brown head in her comfy, stylish bed like this one

Of course I wouldn't be working because I'd have to be a full-time dog mommy.  But don't worry, I'd still want to blog!  How would you spoil your dog if money were no object?


  1. A house with lots of land, wooded and open with trails for walking, running and dog sledding with plenty of room to adopt the unwanted dogs and cats.

  2. Hmmm... I think I'm with 24 Paws of Love... a house with a lot of land, and our own pond for her to go for a dunk in (she doesn't swim... she dunks) and a great fence so I wouldn't have to worry about her running off! Sigh... Wouldn't that be great?!

  3. Oh boy, it's so fun to dream, isn't it? I'd definitely have to have that washing station as well! We'd either live on a lake, or have a nice big swimming pool for the dogs. Being a full time dog mommy would be the best part of it all though, wouldn't it? :)

  4. Oh yeah, lots of room where Joe an bark all day and night and that dog wash station is a MUST have.