Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mulligan Stew Cures Coco's Grumbly Tummy

Coco has been trying out Mulligan Stew from this month.  It has been a big hit with everyone! Even Cousin Madam loved it.  I love it because though it is a pate-style canned food, I can see and smell the freshness of the ingredients when I open the can.  It doesn't just smell like regular wet food, it smells like real food.  I lets me have faith in the quality that I am feeding my Coco.  And Coco just gobbles it up!

We've been giving a little of the Mulligan Stew to Coco as a bedtime snack because she gets what we call "grumbly tummy." This happens when her meals get spread out too far apart and her tummy starts to grumble.  After that, it is almost impossible to get her to eat again.  So to avoid this, she basically has to have three small meals.  One of them is a little canned food; her favorite recently has been Mulligan Stew.

After I saw that the company was endorsed by The Whole Dog Journal, I was sold. I haven't seen Mulligan Stew in any pet stores around here, but as always, has it for you!