Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mama's Girl

I’m sure it is not surprising to you, but Coco has turned into a bit of a Mama’s Girl.  Or so says Bill.  I think he’s a little jealous of this considering I didn’t even want to get her in the first place.  He’s right though, she is a Mama’s Girl.  She follows me around the house and snuggles in my lap when I sit on the couch.  She lies next to my side of the bed in the evening when we are watching TV (unless Bill is eating a snack, then she is waiting with baited breath for a fallen crumb).  Technically, we think of her as Bill’s dog, but it is becoming obvious to everyone that she favors me.
This is not to say that she doesn’t like him, not at all.  In fact, if she wants to play, she will always hit him up first.  It seems she gets much more pleasure out of her few hours of playing with Daddy than she does being Mommy’s snuggle bunny.  So why is it that she is so close to me? 
I read somewhere that sleeping with your puppy fosters a deep connection.  I was worried after the first time we took Coco to the vet and she happily left me behind to wonder off to the back with a complete stranger, that she would never feel “at home” with us.  I listened to the advice of the expert and took naps with Coco (since we both agreed we did not want her in the bed with us).  I sat on the floor and rubbed her belly.  When she seemed agitated, I let her lay on my chest and hugged her.  I tried to get her as close physically as I could so that she would feel as connected as possible. 
I guess it worked.