Monday, July 1, 2013

Don't Waste Your Money: A Review of the Worst Toys

We've spent a lot of money on dog toys.  I mean an absurd amount.  We spend, on average, $10 a month on toys for Coco.  At first, we had trouble finding toys that could stand up to her constant chewing and gnawing.  Eventually, I got good at recognizing good materials and workership.  I researched and researched to find the best toys for her.  I did, however, have to go through so many bad toys.  And I wasted so much money!  I've mad a list of toys that didn't quite meet our standards.

1. Kong Wubba:  This fetch and tug-o-war toy made by the Kong company seems like it would be extremely durable.  That assumption could not have been more wrong!  I thought that since it was made by a company with such a good reputation, it should be fine.  However, Coco had the outer shell off in minutes flat.  There are two small balls inside that a dog could easily choke on, even if you are watching it.  One good thing is that Coco loved the outer shell!  We played with it for a while after it was destroyed.  She liked flapping it around. For the price, it is a huge disappointment.

2.  Kong Genius Leo:  This toy is supposed to keep the dog's attention and serve as a treat despensing toy.  It can be played with on its own, or attached to another product to make it more challenging.  The fatal flaw with this toy is the hole in it.  Coco was able to get her mouth in the hole and use it as the weak spot to destroy it.  This lasted a whole day, maybe.  

3. Goughnuts This toy is expensive.  On the positive side, it has a lifetime guarantee! I had very high hopes for this ring, which is made of hard rubber.  And it has lasted...however Coco doesn't like to play with it.  I think it is too hard for her.  It is too hard to throw inside and it bounces awkwardly.  Even when outside, she seems to shy away from it.  That being said, I'm sure that dogs who like to just sit and chew something probably would love this.  It was not for Coco.  And I was sorry I spent so much money on it. 

4. Buster Food Cube Coco loves a good challenge. And food. That's why I thought the Buster Ball would be perfect for her.  Since the ball is made of very hard plastic, Coco gets scared by it rolling on our hardwood floors.  Even though she knew there was food in it, she wouldn't go near it.  I encouraged her until I was blue in the face.  Even let her have it when we weren't home, but she just let it sit there.  I've heard good things about this toy, but I'd like to warn everyone, this is not appealing to all dogs.  Coco LOVES treat dispensing toys, but not this one.  I ended up returning it. 

5.  Tug-a-Jug Normally, we love Busy Buddy toys.  The squirrel dude is one of her favorites; however this tug jug was a bit disappointing and certainly doesn't live up to the company's name.  In trying to get the treats out, she chewed off the rim of the jug, which is just hard plastic, and was able to get the entire rope out.  Granted, she got the treats, but the jug went in the trash, after just one session.  

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