Tuesday, July 16, 2013

On Its Way: The Sporn Halter

We have always had a hard time finding a collar/harness for Coco.  She is quite the problem child when it comes to walks: she pulls, she backs out of collars, and she has bald spots on her chest and armpits that get really irritated.

We tried all different kinds of contraptions.  Her least favorite (but maybe my favorite) was the front leading harness.  Once that thing went on her, she pretty much refused to walk.  She stopped, then laid down.  And the face she gave me, it looked like I had just broken her little heart.  I couldn't keep it after that, so it went back to the store. On the bright side, it did stop the pulling.

Here is when we were trying just a basic collar.  When she wasn't getting her way, she would simply back her head out of it, no matter how tight we fastened it.  Family photo by Rochford Photo

I have been researching collars/harnesses relentlessly ever since she came home with us and have never found one that meets our needs.  I am hoping the Sporn Halter will do the trick.

Based on the research I've done, the Sporn Halter helps with pulling.  And the way it is shaped, it won't hit her cute little balding chest.  Also, it has padded-like arm pieces so her little pits won't get chafed.

It should be arriving in the mail today and I'll report on its effectiveness after we've tested it out some.  My hopes are high for this one!

See the Sporn Halter!


  1. We are well past the puppy stage in our ruff world but...Sable, my chow and lab mix is the WORST on leash and always has been. Lucy, my golden, a spent time training and she is so good on leash but I'm afraid I don't walk them much in this Texas heat. My Father's dog, Joe, to be such a wild thing when he come to live with me, is pretty good on leash as well. At 80 plus pounds, Sable could pull my Father in his wheelchair around the block with no problem.
    Good luck in your training efforts!

    1. I can't imagine Coco at 80 pounds! I am always so jealous of owners with well behaved walking dogs. Losing faith that we'll get there, but happy to have such a good-natured baby.

  2. P.S. I love your banner pic!

    1. Thanks! I appreciate you dropping in!