Sunday, July 21, 2013

Super Coco to the Rescue!

This morning after our walk, we both went back to bed.  Not too long after that, Coco started barking her head off, running up and down the stairs and giving me her most urgent howl.  Eventually, I got the idea she wanted me to go downstairs (she employs similar tactics when she wants the leftovers on the stove). As I sleepily sauntered down, I saw a little black patch of something outside the back door.  Coco rushed to the glass and sat down, whining at me the whole time.

It was Coco's sissy, Pookums, at the back door.  Pookums, an indoor cat, was not supposed to be outside the house.  And Coco knew that.

Coco channeled Lassie this morning by letting me know her little sissy was outside in the dangerous, dangerous wilderness that is our yard.  Thankfully, sissy was herded inside, and all was well. Thanks to Super Coco!
Longing for the great outdoors


  1. That's amazing! Great job Coco :) Pookums is quite cute and glad that she is safe.

  2. Thanks, Ann! We all love our Coco!