Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy National Dog Day!

So, I hear it is National Dog Day.  In celebration of my beloved Coco, I'm going to share all the reasons I couldn't imagine a single day without her:

her pretty pink nose
her skimpy little legs
how she likes to hold things in her mouth when she gets excited
how she twitches when she sleeps
how she's your very best friend if you have something to eat
how she both protects and annoys her little sissy
she's so sneaky
she loves, loves, loves to snuggle (just like her mommy)
she loves, loves, loves, to play (just like her daddy)
she won't steal your food (usually)
she knows where the good lovin' is (mommy's side of the bed)
she never runs away
she loves her daddy as much as I do
she is always waiting on the mat when I step out of the shower
she doesn't get impatient with me when I'm brushing her teeth
she likes to wear bandanas (even though daddy says it makes her look silly)
she is always more grateful than I am, always
for a dog, her manners are pretty good
she'll do anything for a treat
she loves me almost as much as daddy does

Picture by Stuart Rochford Photo

No wonder there is a whole day devoted to them!


  1. HI Coco
    We Wish You Had A Happy National Dog Day :) From Milo & Jet