Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pearly Whites

I wanted to share this video because he does a good job of making it clear how easy it can be to brush a dog's teeth.

Because I know how important it is to her overall health, I make sure I brush Coco's teeth everyday.  I have recently gotten into the habit of brushing hers when I brush mine in the morning, or if I'm in a rush when I'm brushing in the morning, getting to hers before I go to bed at night.  She always gets a treat for being a good girl and I make sure I keep the treats handy so it is convenient for me and consistent for her.  Sometimes I even let daddy give her the treat so he doesn't feel left out.

She doesn't do as well with the big brush as she does with the finger brush, so that is what we use.  And we have used the wipes in the past (this is what we have to use with Pookums because we can't get anywhere near her with a brush!)

Since we want Coco with us for as long as possible, I don't mind taking a few extra minutes from my day to brush her teeth!
Waiting for her brushing!