Thursday, December 19, 2013

Coco Loves Her Lamb Airy Bites!

Today I want to discuss a topic that is near and dear to Coco's heart: treats.  And something that I take very seriously: Coco's health. The jerky treat recall scares me to death, and I am extremely careful of what goes into Coco's body.  Cousin Madam Star had a close with what we attribute to some DENTASTIX.  So when our friends at Clear Conscience Pet asked if Coco wanted to review some treats, I immediately started doing my research. After a review of the website and the ingredients in their treats (all-natural goodness! And made in the USA) I am sold.  But of course Coco is the real test.  So how did she like them?
Coco Inspects Her Loot

Cruncherz:  She liked these crunchy Ginger Yaps pretty well.  They were very similar to the dog treats I bake her, so they didn't set her tail on fire.  Scout, however, went nuts for them!

Bison & Beef Liver Bark: These were really hard chuck-like pieces of nice and stinky treats that Coco loved!
Smelling the Bison and Beef Liver Bark

Super Gravy: Ok, I was a little skeptical about the gravy.  It seemed like a lot of work.  But once I read the directions, I realized it was really simple (they even provide a little scoop!) and Coco was drooling for the stuff while I was getting it ready!  She gobbled it right up.
Coco Waits for Super Gravy

Lamb Airy Bites: These were, by far, her favorite. They are little dried bits that are perfect for training.  After an evening of making her do tricks, she still wanted more and woke me up in the middle of the night whining next to the table where the bag of Airy Bites where sitting.  She is serious about her Lamb Bites.  This is what she was willing to do for some:

I am so thankful that Clear Conscience Pet let us review these products.  These holistic treats are such a good alternative to the jerky that has been harming dogs for so long.

I know what Coco will be getting in her stocking this Christmas!


  1. Hi Coco
    That's a very cool trick that you can do :) Milo & jet

  2. We reviewed those recently too, and Rita also LOVED the Lamb Airy Bites the best!

    1. Coco is crazy for those things! They really have a good product there...

  3. Hi, I saw your nice comment on Jackie's blog and thought I should stop by and visit you too....I can see why Jackie loves your blog header photo, it's adorable! The first dog I ever fell in love with was a chocolate lab (not mine).
    We reviewed these treats also, and the lamb airy bites were our dogs' favorites too! They also love the gravy, and get it on their food all the time now.

    1. Hi Jan! Thanks so much for stopping by. So glad Jackie introduced me to your blog!