Friday, February 7, 2014

Wysong Dream Treats

This evening the doorbell rang, which doesn't happen very often, and when it does Coco is supposed to go on her mat (which is in the kitchen very near the front door).  She is very good at hearing the bell and instantly going to the mat; however, once there, most of the time she inches toward the front door as she sits on her haunches.

 Tonight was different.  She actually stayed!  And it was a good thing because I didn't know who was at the door and I didn't want her to release herself early from the stay command--which happens when she knows the person at the door.

Turns out, the UPS carrier brought me/her a package from our very good friends at  Inside was a bag of treats for the whole family--ok not so much me or Bill, but certainly Sissy and Coco.

Wysong Dream Treats (rabbit flavor) are freeze-dried disc shaped treats that are suitable for dogs and cats, which was a big draw for me.  Anything those two can share and not fight over, I'm on board with.

Coco about knocked me over trying to get open the pouch before I did, but Spooky wasn't too interested.  I left the broken up disc in her dish and am thinking maybe she will get back to it.

I really appreciate that they are made in the USA!  We will be trying the quail flavor soon! Thanks!

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