Sunday, March 16, 2014

It's a Dog Party!

We recently celebrated Coco's 4th birthday.  I can't believe that we've had her for over 3 and a half years.  I often tell Bill that I can't imagine our lives without her. Because of the delight and the joy she brings to our household (even to her old sissy, Pookums), celebrating a day just for her seems natural for us.  In fact, we had two parties for Coco.

The first one was with Coco's older sisters.  We had yummy human tacos and brownies.  And for Coco we had puppy cupcakes.  I tweaked this recipe a little.  It called for Greek yogurt and peanut butter frosting;  I didn't have any yogurt.  You know know I refuse to go to the store for extra ingredients, so I subbed the yogurt for cottage cheese.  Thus, the little hunks of stuff on top of the cupcakes in the pictures.  But actually, Coco likes cottage cheese better than yogurt, anyway. She didn't know it wasn't supposed to be lumpy.

She had a blast with her big sisters during party #1!  The next party was with Madam Star. Coco got lots of presents and even shared her cupcakes.  

We've had so much fun living life with Coco and feel so lucky that we get to be her Mommy and Daddy.  I even get the feel every once in a while that Pookums is starting to feel lucky to be her sissy (though she did stay clear throughout most of the festivities).  We love this little brown dog.  Happy birthday, Coco Puffs!


  1. How much fun was this? LOVE IT!!! What great doggy pawrents you both are! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY "Coco Puffs!!" (love that!) Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  2. This looks like a fantastic bruffday party! Happy Happy Birthday, Coco Puffs! ~Meeko, top dog at

  3. What a sweet post! Happy 4th Birthday Dear Coco! And many more...I'z got my jazz paws going for ya bigtime and wish you an awesome Birthday year!

  4. Happy Belated Coco! It looks like you had a good time. Good for you.