Sunday, March 30, 2014

This Just In: Dog Plays Cards

Tonight, Coco's big sisters are over for dinner and cards.  Coco has decided that she can play cards, too.

I'm letting her play my hand; she'll probably play better than I will.

What card sharp I've got.  Or is it card shark?


  1. Cute! Interesting... just had to go google that cuz I thought "card sharp" was technically correct, but everyone so commonly miss-says "card shark" that it stuck. According to, it's more commonly card sharp in the UK and shark in the US/Canada.

    I have a similar pic somewhere or our beagle, "helping" us play cards. :)

    1. Just had this conversation with Bill. He said it was sharp; I said shark (basing my information on the 70s game show Card Sharks). I looked it up to prove I was right. Turns out we both were. Nice how that happens, huh? I think there was a Friends episode about this, too.