Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Few of Our Favorite Things

The next few days Daddy is away visiting family, so we are left to our own vices, I mean devices.  I already promised Coco that we could do whatever she wants.  To figured out what our calendar will be filled with, I'm making a list of Coco's favorite things.

5.  Snuggling
Mostly on weekends.  Mostly while watching Investigation Discovery with Mommy, but sometimes in bed with Daddy while Mommy does all the chores.

4.  Chasing Small Animals
This includes squirrels, turtles, neighborhood cats, opossums, and the occasional raccoon.  Oh, and once she was hot the the trail of a hog while visiting Great Grandma and Grandpa in the woods, but I can't confirm that it was in fact a small hog.

3. Eating
Eating just about everything she can con you out of.  She frequently uses this face.  We've become immune, but have to warn guests against the perils of her pout.

2.  Playing with Cousin Madam
It doesn't even matter if Madam Star is playing back.  Just being around her cousin makes Coco happy.  I think it makes Madam happy too, even if she doesn't show it as readily as Coco.

And Coco's Most Favorite Thing to Do:

Playing Fetch.  Coco could play fetch all day long.  Her favorite things to fetch are tennis balls, fabric swatches from all destroyed toys, and West Paw toys. She's a fetching fool!  When we go to the dog park, she doesn't like to play with the other dogs (except when Madam Star is there) she just wants to play fetch.  So this weekend, I'm sure we will have our share of hours of fetch.

While we will miss Daddy (I already do) we will have tons of fun without him. We already have a play date planned with Cousin Madam Star to play fetch!


  1. We hate it when Daddy goes away! But sounds like those are some fun vices to get you through the time without him. (The eating one especially...) :)

  2. I like to snuggle, play fetch and eat too! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  3. We're totally down with #1 and #3...! We'd chase squirlz too -- if the humans'd let us OUT.

  4. They all sound like fun. I hope you followed through.