Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Weekend I Took Care of the Clowder

This weekend my parents are away at the beach, which means I am on cat duty.  My parents have 4 cats.  I have determined (after having to take care of them) that this is enough to make a clowder.

They are all very sweet cats and not hart to take care of. And anyway, I am their big sister. It is what I'm here for.  Little Rocky has diabetes and needs insulin shots twice a day, so this weekend I have been big sister and nurse.  

Let me introduce you to the rest of the Davis Clowder:

Tyson is known as "Big Sis" because she is a little on the heavy side.  She is Rocky's twin sister and treats him like a prince.
Rocky sits close to the water dish because of his sugar.  And his is the most loving cat around the house. Remember this picture?
Dixie is still adjusting to life in the city.  She loved being a country kitty.  The other day she killed a bird that was dive-bombing her. She the warrior of the bunch.
Babs is the princess and Daddy's favorite.  Don't worry it's not a secret; everyone knows.  She is prissy and spoiled and will nudge you for treats.

I'm sure everyone will be happy to see Mom and Dad when they get home tomorrow!


  1. That is SO cool that you can be both big sister and nurse to them! Our human brother does the same for us. And sadly, we've seen a LOT of him over the past month, with more to come over the next few, because BOTH sets of grandhumans (dad's AND mom's) decided to move to assisted living last month (!!!). And gues who gets to clean out houses and get them ready to be put up for sale??? *sigh*

    We agree with you - 4 *is* a clowder!!

    1. Glad you have a good human brother to take care of you! We know how cleaning for a sale can go, so stressful. Good luck to the whole bunch of you!

  2. Nice to meet the bunch, what great kitties and how awesome that they have their big sis to take care of them!