Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Coco Puckers Up for Pecks!

We received quite possibly the best Chewy.com box last week.  Daddy thought it was our regular food shipment, but oh no, it was so much more.  In our little box was was another little box of treats.   These treats from The Honest Kitchen are called pecks and may very well be the perfect treat (other than Mommy's homemade treats, of course).

Let me tell you why we love these so much:

1. They really are perfect for training.
We have been in the habit of carrying treats with us on walks, since Coco has a little bit of trouble being nice when meeting strangers.  Pecks are great because they are small (sometimes we need tons of them) and they don't make our hands stink.

2.  They are only .6 calories per treat!
And Coco is just fine with this.

3.  Coco loves the flavor.
They are buffalo and blueberry.  Yum.  Them more she likes them, the better they are for training.  She likes just about every treat we throw at her, but these really get her attention.

4.  I have confidence in the brand.
The Honest Kitchen produces pecks in the USA, and in a human food facility. Pecks are made with 100% human-grade ingredients, to boot. Cheers all around.

I think we have found our new favorite treats.  Thanks Chewy.com; we couldn't have done it without you!


  1. Great brand! I just wish Rita wasn't so picky! She's not a huge fan of crunchy treats. She'll eat one now and then, but half the time she spits them back at me! She's such a spoiled beast!

  2. We just received a box of Smooches by Honest Kitchen from Chewy to try. It looks like they will probably be just as good as these Pecks (and what cute names too, right?)

  3. mmm I might like those myself.