Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Coco's 5 Love Languages

Recently Bill and I were talking about our Love Languages (my prevalent language is quality time, and his is receiving gifts).  It got me thinking about Coco's Love Language.  Receiving Snacks probably is her #1, but Repetitive Ball Throws is so close behind!  Here is my version of the translated list:

Receiving Snacks (Receiving Gifts)
Repetitive Ball Throws (Acts of Service)
Snuggle Time (Quality Time)
Belly Rubs (Physical Touch)
Atta Girls (Words of Affirmation)

Now that I'm looking at it, this is pretty close to Bill's preference.  I guess they are more a like than I thought, at least in how they express their love.

What's you dog's Love Language?


  1. Hahahaa. That's so cute! I think Rita's would be pretty similar - Receiving Snacks def'ly no. 1; then maybe Walkies (for Acts of Service), then Atta Girls, then Belly Rubs, the Snuggles. (She's not much for snuggling. She's been known to refer to me as S'Mother, rather than Mother.)