Sunday, October 26, 2014

Check Out This Cake!

Friday was daddy's birthday, so I made him his favorite dessert, Boston Cream Pie.  I found the easiest recipe on The Girl Who Ate Everything's blog.  You must check it out! This is the first thing that I've ever baked that turned out like the picture-well really close to the picture, anyway.

Of course I had help.  Coco was there every step of the way to make sure her daddy's birthday dessert was up to par.

I can always count on Coco for moral support.  And a little drool.  The Boston Cream Pie was so good, but much to Coco's dismay, she didn't get to try any.  Daddy had a good birthday, and I get to eat some of the leftovers! 


  1. Oh wow, that Boston Cream Pie you made looks wonder Coco was snoopervising! Happy Belated Birthday to the Dad, wishing him a wonderful year ahead!

  2. My mommy is wanting some of that right now!

    1. your mommy would have loved it...but it is all gone!

  3. That looks delicious!

    Happy Birthday!

    Monty and Harlow

  4. I love Boston Cream Pie, and that's the best looking one I've ever seen!

  5. That is the most cruel thing I have ever seen: teasing Coco with a beautifully delicious looking chocolate pie. No cocoa for Coco. No crust left to make a meat pie for Coco?