Sunday, November 30, 2014

Coco Is #Thankful for TropiClean Fresh Breath Dog Treats

I know we are a few days past Thanksgiving, but since a) Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I don't see anything wrong with celebrating a little longer, and b) Christmas always infringes on Thanksgiving's time anyway, I'm going to take the liberty of extending Thanksgiving just a little and tell everyone what Coco is thankful for.

Finally we found a treat that Coco is especially excited about.  For the first time she is begging for treats.

In the beginning of November, sent Coco a bag of TropiClean dog treats to try.  Before I knew it, she was sitting by the treats whining for them before bedtime, when we came home from work, and in the morning when she woke up.  The bag of treats was gone in no time, before I even had a chance to write a review.

So, when her autoshipment of food was scheduled to come from Chewy, I added another bag of TropiClean treats, so I could actually write my review (which in a nutshell is Coco is CRAZY about these treats).  Needless to say, I've got a very happy little brown dog on my hands.

So this Thanksgiving, Coco has a new bag of her absolutely favorite treats, and I can bribe her to do just about anything, including (but not limited to) taking out the trash and mowing the lawn.  No kidding, I have never seen her savor treats more than the TropiClean treats.

Cleans her teeth, freshens her breath, AND she loves them?  I'm thankful for TropiClean Fresh Breath treats...and!


  1. You'll be kissable now Coco.

  2. Look out, Coco, the humans might snorgle you tons more now!!