Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Training with Merrick Power Bites

We've been doing a lot of training recently.  Trying to get Coco to not eat people while we are walking is a hard task.  While the strategies Bruce from Groovy Dogs gave us have helped a lot, she still has some...trouble.

When we go for walks, we always have treats with us.  And sometimes, depending on the situation, we give her quite a few treats at once.  That's why we like treats like Power Bites from Merrick. These small treats are so easy to take with us on walks and Coco loves them so it is easy to get her attention with them, which is essential when training! The one downside is that they smell, which daddy doesn't like because it makes his precious little hands stink.  However, I'm pretty sure the odor is one of the selling points for Coco.


We can ALWAYS count on chewy.com for bringing us quality treats and shipping them to us before Coco eats everyone in the neighborhood! Thanks chewy.com!

1 comment:

  1. I know I would love those treats cause I need nice smelly treats,, so moms can get my attention fast!