Sunday, June 23, 2013

She's a Genius!

We have a rule in our house: only two bodies in the bed at one time.  Bill hates to share the bed with Coco when I'm there.  But if I'm gone, he lures her into the bed with his high pitched cooing.  A sound that only Coco could love.  She eagerly hops up on our king bed, whole body wagging with glee.

But this is what amazes me: she knows the rules.  She knows that if one of us isn't in the bed, the empty spot is fair game.  When we are both in the bed, she doesn't even test her luck and try to get up there. How does this happen?  It is like she can count.

This is just one of the examples I have of how smart she is.  When we go for a walk, she know exactly how many treats I have hidden in my hand.  When I say, "take your ball to Daddy"  she does. They say that mix breeds are smarter than pure breeds.  We whole-heatedly believe this, and we have a genius on our hands.

Although my co-worker thinks her 20 month old son is a cross between Michael Jackson and Picasso, obviously he's not. He seems stunningly average to me.  I'm positive this is how crazy I seem. Every time she shows me a video of him dancing to Yo Gaba Gaba, I want to disillusion her.  But I don't.  It must come with the territory of loving another.

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