Monday, June 24, 2013

Coco's Favorite Toys: A Mommy's Reivew

People often ask me about dog toys, seeing as how Coco can destroy one in a matter of minutes.  She makes an art out of removing a squeaker. I am always happy to give out some recommendations, after all, I'd hate for people to have to spend the money that we have in ill fated dog toys.

Coco and I are providing a list of our favorite toys.  These are toys that I know will stand up to her Herculean playing and ones that she actually enjoys playing with.

1.  West Paw Design's Hurley

Coco can play with this all day long.  And I am confident in the quality of West Paw.  I don't think I can say enough about what this company is doing.  Their Zogoflex toys are, by far, the BEST toys I have come across.  Other toys are durable, but Coco doesn't seem to like them as she does West Paw's products.

2.  West Paw Design's Jive

This bouncy durable ball can keep Coco's attention for hours!  As long as someone is willing to throw it, she is willing to fetch it.

3.  West Paw Design's Bumi

Do you see a pattern here?  This S-shape toy is good when Coco wants a little solo play.  She takes hold and shakes it silly.  Again, I love it because I know it will hold up.  If it doesn't, they'll replace it.

4.  Petstages Kooky Chicken

I recommend this with caution.  The feet and beak come off fairly easily.  Not as easily as others, but in about a month, Coco can amputate the poor bird.  That being said, Coco loves this toy. I have to watch her and take the pieces away once she's conquered it.  Luckily, she's not big on eating the detached pieces.  If she were choosing, I think this would be her favorite.  Around here we call it Turkey Lurkey.

5. Ruff Dawg's Stick 

This rubber stick has held up for a couple of years now.  And she loves it.  She will play fetch with it, toss it up in the air for herself, or just sit and have a good chew.

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