Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend Sleepover

This is cousin Madam Star.  She is a 10 year old Basset Hound with a big voice and an affinity for her Uncle Bill.  This past weekend Madam stayed with us.  Coco was overjoyed to have a visitor, and one that didn't seem to leave at that.  Madam Star, on the other hand, seemed like she couldn't be bothered with young Coco.  I'm pretty certain this is just an act; secretly she adores Coco.

It amazes me how different these two are.  Both dogs, both raised by responsible pet parents, but their personalities are opposite.  Madam Star revels in a good nap.  No, not naps, marathon sleeping events.  She stayed in this chair for 5 hours and did not move.  5 hours!  I counted!  She barely stirred, though at one point she was barking in her sleep.  This concerned Coco greatly.  Coco, however, likes her naps but they never last that long, and can be interrupted at any point.  If there is an armadillo, squirrel, or heaven forbid, a cat within a 2 miles radius, Coco's little ears perk up and she tears off into the direction of the "prey."  I know Madam has a better sense of smell than she, but Starsky has no interest in chasing varmint.  Is that the difference in the breeds?  A retriever vs. a hound?

Or is it something a little more human than that?  Madam Star's mommy, Jules, is one of the most laid back people I know.  She is rarely in a hurry and has no sense of competition whatsoever.  Is this where Madam has learned the art of nonchalance?  Do our pets really take on our personalities?

If so, what does that say about me?

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