Monday, December 23, 2013

Spotlight on Spooky!

Today's post is all about Coco's sissy, Spooky.  She likes to stay out of the spotlight, but today I'm shining it directly on her because she's so darn cute!

5 Fact About Sissy:

1. Spooky was around long before Coco, which means she's getting old.  But old age hasn't slowed her down much, she is still just as spunky as ever-which is extremely spunky.

2. When she was younger she escaped from the animal shelter.  That's how we ended up with her.
Baby Spooky and Madam Star (Pre-Coco Days)

3. We call Spooky Pookums because I never really liked the name Spooky.  I really wanted to name her

4.  Blanche Pookums always thinks it is time to eat and will meow at us to let us know that she thinks so.
On the table, waiting for food.

5.   Pookums's BFF is her daddy, who pets her in his sleep.  She is a daddy's girl.  FYI, Daddy never pets Mommy in his sleep.
Waiting for Daddy to come to bed for a snuggle.

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