Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Coco's Hour of Fun, Courtesy ToyShoppe

We had a moment of weakness.  We know better.  We did it anyway; we bought Coco a toy we thought was "tough" at PetSmart.  Given her history, I almost ALWAYS buy toys I have researched and have faith in.  We love West Paw toys because I know she's not going to chew through them in a matter of hours.

We stopped at PetSmart to get some fragrance spray and we thought, "She's older now.  She's not as destructive.  This toy looks pretty strong."  Bill even predicted, "It'll take her at least 2 weeks to destroy this one!"

We were wrong. He was wrong.  It was completely destroyed in less than an hour.  

It didn't stay a chance.  We were so foolish to think it might.  

Luckily she doesn't like to eat the pieces of toys she's conquered.  Just kills and spits to the side to go in for more.  I don't worry much about her ingesting this awful stuff.  And of course I was watching her the entire time.  She'd never be left alone with a toy like this.  

The carpet in the aftermath. Notice the fuzz and red strings. 

But boy did she love this little wiener dog!  She had a blast tearing it apart (killing all 5 squeakers-a selling point for Bill).  It was almost worth the $6 to see her enjoy it so much.  Almost.  


  1. Heehee. I bet she had a great time! Our last pup was like that - she LOVED to destroy her toys, but luckily she had no interest in eating the bits. I used to also buy her the super-tough toys (and many she would still destroy). For fun for her, I'd buy old stuffed animals (as long as they didn't have plastic eyes/parts) for like 25c a piece and let her have at it, ripping them to shreds.

    1. Oh I love that idea! I bet Coco would go nuts.