Thursday, March 27, 2014

Coco Tries Pawz...And Looks Pretty Cute Doing It

After so much trouble with her paw pads, and after talking with the doctor--who suggested a few remedies, we were ready to try Coco's new shoes for the first time!

We had heard good things about Pawz and decided to start there.  Our vet said that since her pads haven't toughened up as quickly as normal (and maybe they wouldn't) that if she is going to play outside for an extended period of time (like here at grandma and grandpa's) she should wear shoes.  

I had my doubts, as Coco doesn't do well with things on her paws, or even things touching them.  We struggled just a bit getting them on, and she didn't want to walk on them at first, but she settled into them.  Once we got into the car (with Cousin Madam Star) she managed to get one off.  In the Pawz defense, I'm not completely convinced I got the right size.  I think she is in between sizes.  When we got to playing she didn't mind them a bit.

All in all, they worked well and protected her paws from peeling.  She was able to play fetch and I didn't have to worry she was playing too rough!

Pawz claims that their boots are reusable, however, by the time we were done playing, one of Coco's nails had poked through the rubber and it seemed that they were tightening around her leg a little.  I can't imagine I could use them more than once and certainly not for an extended period time (we were playing for around an hour).   In the summer, when the roads get really hot, I can see using them for a walk and being able to reuse them then, but not for playing.

I think we will keep trying different products because Pawz aren't perfect, but so far, they are just what we need so that she can play outside and I don't have to worry about torn paws!  

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  1. Oh, I'm glad that Pawz worked for Coco, at least somewhat. I used them all the time to walk my beagle and never had an issue. However, I had the same thing happen when playing with my golden , Sheba, in the snow, as you did....her nails poked through (some of them). I thought maybe I just needed to trim her nails a little better. BTW, we used the purple also, and Sheba weighs about 67 lbs.