Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Coco's Ultrasonic Eyes

For her 4th birthday, Coco got an Ultrasonic Hear-Doggy toy from Cousin Madam Star.  This toy is supposed to squeak at such a pitch so that only dogs can hear it.  The point was moot because Coco destroyed it before her party was over.  But what has remained of the cute little blow fish is the eyes.

Coco has become quite attached to her eyes and will bring them to us to play.  Many mornings I wake up with those eyes looking up at me waiting to be thrown.  Often she will bring her eyes to daddy to play tug-of-war.  Even though it is nothing more than a piece of embroidered cloth, she prefers to play with it more than just about anything.  I am considering buying another Hear-Doggy just for the eyes!


  1. Sometimes the pieces and parts of destroyed toys are my dogs' favorite things to play with!

  2. Coco must not have liked the sound.