Monday, October 13, 2014

Mommy and Daddy Enjoy Vacation; Coco and Madam Enjoy Grandma Lucy's Pumpkin Treats

Last week mommy and daddy went on vacation, and Coco got to stay with cousin Madam Star and her mummy.
on vacation in Pigeon Forge, TN

 While we were gone, Coco got a package from; she was nice enough to share the contents with her cousin. Inside was a bag of Grandma Lucy's Pumpkin Treats. They both loved these organic, baked pumpkin treats. Coco of course doesn't care that they are made with organic, human grade ingredients, but she does love the pumpkin flavor!  They are a little sweet, so I'm only giving them to her as a very special treat, which makes her love them even more.  The treats are shaped like cute little bears and after reading the ingredient list, I couldn't help but taste one myself (actually pretty good).

even sissy was trying to get some! look how big the bag is!

Coco, Madam Star, and I all highly recommend Grandma Lucy's Pumpkin treats.  And they are on sale right now at!


  1. Sounds totally NOMILICOUS! We hope your humans are enjoying their vacation!!

  2. Oh your so lucky!! yummy yummy!

  3. Those sound tasty! Shiner is wondering why she hasn't tried any pumpkin treats this year so far.

  4. They sure sound yummy! Pumpkin is very popular around here!

  5. You're being so good Coco. I would have been gone with the bag!

  6. Sounds like great treats for sure. Hope your Mommy & Daddy had a wonderful vacation!